March 2013 "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban" poster made for Silver Screen Society.

The poster was made out of real paint and it took over 10 hours to complete. The concept was to depict the 2 scenes of the "Expecto Patronum" and to make referrence to the events that happen twice in the storyline, as well as having time travel as the general theme of the movie.

Poster detail showing the modified HP logo.

Poster detail showing the "dementors" from the movie.

Vegan in Vegas: a six-day food journal comparing the nutrition between 3 days in
Las Vegas vs. 3 days in Tempe, Az.

Infographic clos-eup. Drawings made by hand.

Infographic detail.

Infographic detail.

The pro-helmet poster. Designed for the bicycle community to increase awareness on bike safety.
Prints for sale here. Model: Nicole Stumphauzer.

Poster detail.

Poster detail.

Poster collaboration with Ben Pelley for spark! Mesa's Festival of Creativity 2013.

Poster detail. This poster was planned for weeks, and it took us an entire day to construct and photograph. The background is a 4x6 foot chalkboard and 450 matches placed all by hand.
Photoshop editing was minimal in the poster because we wanted the actual work we put into it to come through, even if the matches weren't perfectly straight. For photos and a .gif of the process, click here

Poster designed for The Design School's Senior Show, featuring 150+ student thesis exhibits related to food issues. Made while at Arizona State University.

Poster detail.

Poster detail.

Conceptual poster for a Seattle based hardware store. Layed out with real nails, minimally photoshopped. Photo of nails taken with my iPhone.

Poster detail.

Go Veg! Supporting PETA. The idea was to make a attention-grabbing poster with unusual imagery that would depict how one wouldn't eat another human being, but we're okay eating smart, sensitive animals such as pigs, chickens, and cows.

Poster detail. Made in collaboration with Japan based artist Trang Nguyen.

Grease icons poster. Client: In Good Company, a non-profit organization that organizes community theater.

Poster detail. Made while at Eric Mower + Associates.

Poster collaboration with Ben Pelley for the movie Battle Royale. A Japanese gory film about a group of students who battle to death.

Poster detail. Made with corn syrup, red dye, and love.